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Preacher Man BBQ is a family-owned and operated business.

Before we opened for business in 1980 in Texas we was well known all over the east coast for our smoke tender meats. So we planted our self here in Dallas TX. to show people that we have what it take to hang with the best.

We are proud of the meats we smoke and the vegetables prepared daily for you. Our sliced brisket is served either perfectly "lean" with its red smoke ring or well-marbled and succulently "fatty". No less attention is paid to our baby back and pork spare ribs --- hand trimmed, stripped of sinew and dry rubbed. Our poultry is the best. We use only large, fresh, three pound hens and natural breast of turkey.

Like we always say you don't need no teeth to eat our meat!!

© 2017 Preacher Man BBQ


972-603-6932...Preacherman Jr.

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